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The Ultimate All Natural Latex Pillow and Support in the Form of a Big and Beautiful Booty.

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The Buttress is comfortable to hold, to slap, to squeeze, to use as a back support and to rest your head on, not just to look at. The interior design of the Buttress allows the thighs and cheeks to comfortably cradle your head. It's like getting a nice hug for your neck, spine and skull! It's unique shape allows it to be positioned in many different ways to fit its many uses and make it suitable for most kinds of sleepers.



There is also a certain indescribable joy that people have reported when they put their faces in it. I've been told 'it's like a kind of magic'. My great friend, Becca Taylor, claims that the Buttress is 'the new teddy bear' as she lifted her face from its soft, smooth cheeks. I personally keep the Buttress on my bed every night and use it all the time! I love it and from the feedback I have received, I think you will too!

The Buttress Story

One day not too long ago, while laying down to take a nap after speaking with his woman, our founder felt like he would sleep a lot easier if he had his hand placed tenderly on her butt... Light bulb!  How many people in this world like butts? Even children's movies like Minions or Sing feature butts and the kids love it. How many more people would benefit from having a beautiful life size butt nearby as they are laying down getting ready for sleep? To sleep on, to hold, to rest their hand on our even bury their faces in! We hope to share the simple, beautiful, stupid, funny and comforting representation of love to the world.

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